Preparing the Limonata

Choose wisely. Only lemons with thick, porous skin and a heady scent will do. Sicilian, naturally – Amalfi(an?) at a push. The irregular ones, bulbous in shape, and with a tell-tale dimple from where they once grew. Never waxed; we don’t worship conformity here. With a steady blade, peel back the zest in long, thin strips – taking care not to disturb the acrid pith lying just beneath the surface. Pile the golden parings high and drown in generous glugs of the best virgin olive-oil money can buy. Muddle together and allow it to sit, undisturbed in the day’s sunlight, until the sweet lemon’s oil has begun to perfume the olive’s. A sprinkling of sea salt, to finish. 

Eat, spritz, inhale. Essential lemon oil has potent detoxifying properties and in this, the month of the Falling Leaf Moon, there’s no better time to cleanse yourself of anything that does not serve you. 

Rose Brissenden