Mediterranean Moods

In 1911, J.E. Crawford Flitch chronicled his travels around the Balearic islands. Intoxicated by Ibiza, he was inspired by a vivid scene of young locals revelling at dusk:

’I think that a man who has seen dancing at sunset by the sea and among mountains will never afterwards have much content in a ball-room. The pure air, the unimprisoned space, the trembling light upon the water, unlock a happier and profounder fund of emotions. Something elemental and infinitely remote enters into the exhilaration of the dancers; they have recaptured a spirit which seems more proper to the sunlit energy days of the world. Their personal life is merged in the universe life of Nature, and their bodies are renewed by the ancient energies of the earth and the sea.’

The author died in relative obscurity. But tonight we’ll dance on the beach at sunset. 

Rose Brissenden